PepLamb’s KJV Audio Bible (Alexander Scourby)

PepLamb’s KJV Audio Bible is an App for Android devices with the voice of Alexander Scourby.  Comes with Voice Command feature and Advanced Search capabilities including Verse By Verse Sync Technology and Google Cast support.

The money generated via this App will be used towards Missions, to help Missionaries and spread the gospel.   Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15).   And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work… (2 Corinthians 9:8).

Thanks for downloading and GOD bless you abundantly for your support!

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Features in PepLamb’s KJV Audio Bible (Alexander Scourby):

  1. Input methods: Text or Voice Command.
  2. Verse Sync Technology
    1. Watch as the text moves in sync at verse level with the audio.
    2. Verse text shows up in sync with verse audio.
    3. Verse by Verse Playback.
    4. Great for studying scripture.
  3. Advanced verse parser:
    1. Ex: Jn3:16 Ro9:10 mt 7 7 -> (translates to) -> John 3:16; Romans 9:10; Matthew 7:7
    2. Easily follow the audio as you read.
  4. Installation in Device Or SD Card.
  5. Search:
    1. Search words inside the Bible with advanced search capabilities.
    2. Multi words search.
  6. Share:
    1. Share in SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Email etc.
    2. Share verses to this App from other sources.
  7. Copy Verse.
  8. Talking Verse (voice of Alexander Scourby).
  9. Works offline as audio are downloaded the first time.
  10. No ads.

Phone / SMS / Headset / Bluetooth Features:

PepLamb’s KJV Audio Bible also reacts to the following:

  1. Phone Calls:
    1. Auto pause when receiving calls.
    2. Autoplay when the call ends if previously playing.
    3. PepLamb’s KJV Audio Bible makes is auto-pause when you receive calls and auto-plays when the call ends.
  2. SMS:
    1. Examples: when you received following SMS/Text message the app will automatically read them.
      1. Read Verse: Psalm 63
      2. Read Verse: Please read ps 23 & 91 also 103 ok?
  3. Headset: On headset plug play (if playing previously) and pause when unplugged. PepLamb’s KJV Audio Bible makes is auto play when you are connected to a headset and auto pauses when you are disconnected.
  4. Bluetooth:
    1. On Bluetooth plug play (if playing previously) and pause when unplugged.
    2. On Bluetooth buttons play / pause + next or previous pressed take appropriate action.
    3. PepLamb’s KJV Audio Bible makes it usable in your car or any Bluetooth device so you can auto play when you are connected to a Bluetooth device and auto pauses when you are disconnected.

Advanced Features in PepLamb’s KJV Audio Bible:

(This is currently supported documentation coming soon)

  1. Intents: If you are interested with automation there a support for that via intents with the help of Tasker or other automation apps capable of sending intents. For Example: when you leave your GeoFence start playing Psalms possibilities are endless as you imagine.
    1. Service Intents
    2. Command Intents
      1. Play
      2. Pause
      3. Next
      4. Previous

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