True North’s Cry: The Scandalous Tale in a Cowboy’s Ballad

(Verse 1)
From the Eastern shores to the Western plains,
Workin’ our hands, bearin' the chains.
Heard 'bout a feller, from Papineau's land,
Promisin' milk and honey, but with a sleight of hand.

He struts and he sways, from Europe to Delhi's door,
But the voices rise, "we won't take no more".
Cloaked in controversies, from face to the core,
Yet he stands up high, ignoring the uproar.

In this vast dominion, under God's vast sky,
We yearn for true leaders, not those who belie.
From sea unto sea, hear our patriotic cry,
“Remember the folks, or bid your reign goodbye!”

From riches to rogues, he's been known to dance,
Yet we, the true North, keep our faith and advance.

(Verse 2)
He's got tales aplenty, some dark, some untold,
Apologies flowin’, like Judas's silver sold.
Freed the wicked, filled their pockets with gold,
While the righteous and meek, left out in the cold.

Down in the valleys, where the humble folk sing,
Dreams of a leader, true change they'd bring.
Not one wrapped in scandals, or corruption's sting,
But a shepherd for all, under God's own wing.

Oh, Canada! Land of the free and the brave,
Seekin’ a path, from the cradle to the grave.
We won't be silenced, won't be the naive,
For in God's true light, our hopes we weave.

Though some might falter, swayed by the trance,
We stand tall and firm, givin' no second glance.

Remember David and Goliath, the sling and the stone,
For every mighty fall, by the humble overthrown.
This vast land's story, in sacred scriptures shown,
We’ll rise once again, by His grace alone.

So here’s true North's cry, from coast to coast wide,
With faith as our guide, in His grace we confide.
Though some leaders may stray, in pride they reside,
We, the heart of this land, in His love we abide.


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